Lutz Bacher (Edit)

(via Mutant vase by Yiannis Ghikas has a sci-fi surface pattern)


Self-Directed Project: Research.

Form > Use of materials.

Self - Directed Project: Research.


Body > Movement > Space.

The body as a vehicle. Columns were placed in the space and the dancers were forced to move around them, interacting with these objects and the space as a whole.

Self-Directed Project: Drawing.


A series of drawing outcomes from the space > movement activity. Some marks were made through smearing, prints, splatters, stains. 

Self-Directed Project: Research.


New Tools?

I have always enjoyed challenging ‘drawing’ and its boundaries. By attaching drawing tools to unusual ares of the body, new marks were found, sporadic and pure. 

Self - Directed Project: Research.


Sourcing dancers to explore space without music. Response to space is pure, responses are made to the spaces dimensions and other bodies within the room. 

Mark making exercises were also completed, through the dancers feet being dipped into ink.

Self - Directed Project: Research Inspiration.

Tara Donovan.

Form > Fluidity.

Tags: sculpture form


Self-Directed Project: Inspiration.


Inspiring form - material properties > Playing with the transparency.

Self-Directed Project: Research.


Body > Space > Movement.

Time lapse video of how an everyday space is interacted with. I wanted to create a series in order to demonstrate how different bodies utilise space and think about space.