Self Directed Project: 


Final Vessels.

-Paper clay vessels dipped in latex.

Viewed Exhibitions:
Tania Kovats @ The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.
- Interesting use of layered wax, mark making and curated space.

Photographs by: csw-a

Self - Directed Project: Final Pieces.

Glazing in progress.

Self - Directed Project: Development Samples.


Fabric dipped in wax - Referencing fluidity and movement.

Self - Directed Project: Development Samples.


Playing with the malleable qualities of latex.

-Latex vessels & Fold - References to fluidity.

-Latex cylinders - Small prototype vessels.

Self-Directed Project: Final Vessel Collection.


Handbuilt paper clay vessels, referencing movement and fluidity. Post bisque firing.

Self - Directed Project: Materials.

Above show various prototypes made by designer Gilli Kuchik’s ‘Elastic Wood’ process. 

Playing with elasticity and grip as two material qualities is something I look to explore in my project.


Lutz Bacher (Edit)

(via Mutant vase by Yiannis Ghikas has a sci-fi surface pattern)

Self-Directed Project: Research.

Form > Use of materials.